Art Basel, Miami Beach, Denver and More

Nearly recovered from my whirlwind art trip.  First was 5 days in Maimi Beach for Art Basel, Scope and Wynwood Walls and so many others.  Our art gang had a condo just blocks from the convention center which was super convienient for covering as many fairs as possible.  My friend Sara Everett and I just wrapped up a photo essay for City Arts Online.  We trekked over 50 miles in our art adventures,  we had such a blast.  I will post the article here after it goes live.

On Sunday night just before Scope was closing I made some new friends at Copro Gallery and landed a slot for their January Sculpture show!  

Getting out of Miami on the Monday  after Basel was brutal but the timing worked out great as I had my first opening with my newest gallery, Space Gallery in Denver.  The